Penetrative Damp

Penetrating damp usually happens when there is a fault in part of the building. This could be a hole in the roof, a broken gutter or just a badly fitted window or door. Sometimes it could be that the building bricks are very porous allowing the water to soak in like a sponge.

We can stop penetrating damp and hygroscopic salts (refer to rising damp). At advance damp proofing we use state of the art cavity membrane systems. This is much better the the old method which is done by applying a salt inhibitor then a mix a cement based damp proof membrane. This method is not 100% effective. There is too much chance for human error and there is no way of knowing if a barrier has been created properly into the plaster is on and its too late.

The cavity wall membrane system we use, there is no need for a salt inhibitor and you can see the physical barrier once it has been installed. Ensuring a affective stop to penetrating damp. see the picture to the right what the membrane looks like. Its far more better than any other method known and is far less time consuming saving the inconvenience caused to the customer.

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