Rising Damp

Rising Damp is usually a big problem of damp in buildings. Water will usually rise through capillary action in the porous material of the wall. Water rises in the same way as wax goes up in a candle wick. Rising damp will usually not go any higher than 1.5m high apart from extreme cases. There are four usual causes why rising damp happens these are:

The breakdown of the old damp proof course fails.

In some older building a damp proof course may have never been installed.

A damp proof course (DPC) may have been bridged i.e a new installed path may be higher than the original DPC.

A cavity wall may be blocked.

Once our surveyor has done a survey then we can select the appropriate method to prevent rising damp happening for a guarantee 30 years. We only use BBA Accredited damp proof creams. All of these products are proven and tested. Once a effective DPC has been completed it is usually necessary to eliminate the second problem of moister attracting mineral salts (hygroscopic salts) on the brickwork. We can install a cavity membrane system and re-plaster your wall to prevent this reoccurring problem.

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